CISA Certification: Why Certification Is Required?

As you may be aware, CISA is an acronym for Certified Information Systems Auditor. When you pursue CISA certification, you will be joining a fairly elite rank of IT specialist that oversee a wide range of software programs in a business environment. Even though many business owners feel that auditing encompasses little more than auditing reports, it is actually far more complicated. This is why many companies that have internal management problems are increasingly looking to people with CISA certification to help them locate and resolve the issues.

CISA CertificationWhat is CISA Certification?

In a sense, you can think of CISA certification as being similar to any other kind of standardized tests like CSM certification. It is a system designed to ensure certificate holders meet a minimum level of experience and knowledge to perform a specific job. When it comes to CISA certification, the exam will test your capacity to audit computer systems for errors as well as oversights in data entry and processing.  Depending on the job, individuals with CISA certification may also be relied upon to develop voucher systems for data entry as well as other types of audit tools.

Why Do I Need CISA Certification?

Even if you are not planning to move into a management position within an IT company, you may still want to gain a better position within your department. If you are interested in overseeing technical operations, then CISA certification may be of immense benefit. On the other hand, if you are also looking to broaden your career options, or even apply for certain kinds of government jobs, CISA certification will also be of use to you.

What Field of Knowledge does CISA Certification Cover?

As a general rule of thumb, CISA certification covers five main areas:

  • Overseeing information entered into any given system from an audit perspective
  • IT department, project, and asset management
  • Develop and implement data systems
  • Operational elements of information systems
  • Ensure information housed within the network remains secure and accurate

If you seek a job when you have CISA certification, you may find that you will only perform a handful of these tasks as a matter of routine. A great deal will depend on the company needs as well as the number of other people in the department that also have CISA certification.

How Much Money Will I Make With CISA Certification?

Individuals that have CISA certification can expect to make anywhere from 50,000 to 126,000 per year.  In most cases, salaries for people with CISA certification will depend on the job description.  For example, a security consultant will make a good bit more than an Information System Auditor.  Before you apply for courses that lead to CISA certification, you should keep these things in mind so that you can get the right courses for your future plans. At the very least, if you find out that you want to work as a security consultant, you can make sure that you take core courses that potential employers will look for in conjunction with CISA certification.

Are there Alternatives to CISA Certification?

Interestingly enough, you will find that there are a number of computer security certifications that some believe are compatible with CISA certification. For example, you may find special CISCO exams, as well as others that will help you prove that you can work in certain technical settings. It is important to note that even auditing exams in this field will not always include managerial elements. Therefore, it can be said that there aren’t any viable alternatives to CISA certification.

Even though standardized tests are emerging as the worst indicator of success in an academic setting, business owners are increasingly looking for certifications to help them make hiring and promotional decisions. If you are in the IT industry, or have an interest in computer security, then CISA certification is something that you will need to consider. Aside from helping you command better wages, CISA certification can open promotional doors that you did not even know existed. In addition, if you are thinking about transferring out of the private IT job sector and into a government job, CISA certification will set you well ahead of other candidates that do not have a management oriented certification to their credit.

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