Technical Writer Salary: The Range and Breakdown

Technical Writer SalaryIf you are a good writer and enjoy describing functions or other intricate details, then a technical writing salary may also be of interest to you.

No matter whether you have a degree in the social sciences or English, you may find that a technical writer salary will be a bit more than what you might command in other fields. In fact, if you had not considered being this kind of writer, knowing more about the average technical writing salary might make it a bit more appealing to you.

Technical Writer Salary: What is Technical Writing Certification?

As you may be aware, there is an enormous shift towards hiring people with job experience, simply because they have a certain kind of degree. Rather, employers are increasingly looking to standardized tests to make it easier to compare applicants.

When it comes to a technical writing salary, you will find that more business owners are looking at whether or not you have this type of certificate on your resume. In fact, if you want to command the best technical writing salary, you will find that having technical writing certification will make this goal much easier to achieve.

However, once you have the job, keeping a higher technical writing salary is going to depend on your talent as a writer. No matter whether you are unable to keep up with changes in popular communication styles, or cannot pay attention to details, each can impact your technical writing salary, far more than expected, at every stage of your career.

Technical Writer Salary: Average Technical Writer Salary

If you do some research you will find that the starting technical writing salary ranges between 35 and 40,000 dollars per year. Once you have a certain amount of time in the field, technical writing salary can go as high as $150,000 per year.

Since the average technical writer salary hovers around $57,000, you can expect most people earn in the lower brackets. As with any other kind of complex job, you will find that technical writing salary is heavily dependent on geographic location and the company itself.

How Certification Impacts Technical Writer Salary

When it comes to commanding a higher technical writing salary, you will find that certification may be worth as much as $5 – 10,000 more per year. You will also find it easier to gain promotions once you are employed with any given company. That said, it is also important to realize that technical writing salary will always be based in part, on your ability to communicate complex information accurately and in a way that most people can understand.

Unfortunately, if you are going to pin all your hopes for a higher wage on technical writer certification, you may find that more talented people will easily command a higher technical writing salary than you over time.

During the process of learning more about a technical writing salary, it may be of some help to start by considering your interest in this type of writing. If you enjoy writing manuals or teaching aides, then you may just find that getting certified as a technical writer will be of use. That said, if you are only interested in a technical writer salary for the sake of money, you may find that others who are truly dedicated will have a significant advantage over you.

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Technical Writer Salary: The Range and Breakdown
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